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Cartagena is a fantastic heroic city that guards the secrets of history in its walls, balconies, buildings and narrow cobbled streets. The city is full of romance, and there is the setting for many a tale of times past in every street and square, and along the walls that bound it, waiting for the sunset to evoke struggle pasts.

Sober, ancient monasteries, churches, battlements and the remains of bloody battles are a testimony to the invincible men and women who brought freedom to the “heroic city”. From the walls there is a beautiful view of the sea. Then, euphoria grows and the tireless fiesta dances on until the first rays of the sun sweep away the mysteries of the night.


Declared part of the UNESCO World Heritage in 1984, Cartagena encapsulates all the charm of Spanish colonial architecture, the republic period and today, the attractions of intense night-life, cultural festivals, exotic scenery, superb beaches, wonderful food and a wide offer of hotels and tourist infrastructure.

In Cartagena you can walk trough the historical San Felipe’s Fortress, buy handmade souvenirs at Las Bovedas, visit La Popa’s Convent and have a beautiful sight of the city, learn about the Inquisition period at its museum palace, enjoy the Caribbean beauty of Rosario’s Islands, have a walk trough the Walled City or take for a ride in chiva or carriage and finally, have a romantic dinner at any of the city’s old plazas. You can also enjoy the sun at the beach, day-light walk trough its streets, romantic sunsets as well as clubbing nights that mix modern and antique stages.

Touring the Walled City in a horse-drawn coach and observing the colorful colonial houses is a true pleasure. Every single street in Cartagena has a history of its own. It is impossible not to visit magnificent sites like the Palace of the Inquisition, the Clock Tower, and the Castle of San Felipe de Barajas.

The hill of La Popa is a good site to appreciate the Heroic City from a distance, with a beautiful view that includes the Caribbean, the Island of Tierrabomba, the tourist area, the walled downtown, La Boquilla, the northern zone and the city in general.

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