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Understanding the needs of travelers far from home, in Paisasky we ensure that our guests have a relaxed and safe stay, with superb locations to fully enjoy the beauty of Medellín and the charme of the Caribbean.

We manage all the aspects of your trip: Paisasky provides pick up services from and to the airport, renting rooms, banking services, interpreter services, restaurant reservations, flights reservations, delivery services, bilingual baby-sitters, itinerary and logistic support in other trips along the country from Medellin.

Spanish is the official language of Colombia: there are about 350000 Indians divided in 50 communities throughout the country which are representative of the hundreds of linguistic minorities.
Electrical current is 110 volts so you should need an adapter: the sockets are like in the U.S., with flat slats.
No particular requirements regarding vaccinations: there are recommended vaccinations against yellow fever, dengue and malaria prophylaxis for those who are travelling to the Amazon region and in the Eastern Llanos.
Tourists who are travelling to Colombia need a valid passport at least six months of validity remaining, which allows a three months stay. To extend your Colombian time you should apply to to the emigration authorities, DAS.
The officiel currency is the Colombian Peso (COP). Payments are accepted only in pesos or credit card. You should bring with you US$ currency because it's cheaper to convert US$ to COP in the banks or in the exchange offices, than to withdraw pesos from the ATM machine. Banks charge a 6% fee. The exchange rate at December 2, 2012 is: 1 euro= 2361 pesos, 1 USD= 1772 pesos. For daily exchange rates, please see www.xe.com.
Credit cards accepted in Colombia: Mastercard, Visa, American Express.

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