The Jungle

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The border land between Colombia and Panama is a 266 km long international border that separates Panama and Colombia and also marks the border between Central America and South America.
It is a hostile natural environment with lush tropical forest. Here the Pan-American Highway is interrupted in the middle of the jungle near the town of Yaviza, to start over 150 km below the ground in Colombia. It is the Darien Ga
p. There is no way to reach the border by land.

 Since this mostly uninhabited and without any means of communications, promotes the passage of smuggling, drug trafficking and the activities of paramilitary groups in Colombia.
Occasional traveler is able to cross the infamous Darien Tapon's but it is very risky business. Must pass through the primeval jungle, crossing rivers and streams but also able to encounter with smugglers to paramilitaries.
The only border towns are located along the Caribbean coast, La Miel, the Comarca Kuna Yala in Panama and in Colombia Sapzurro.

Cross the border Panama - Colombia
The border between Panama and Colombia can be crossed along the Caribbean coast, between Puerto Obaldia Panama (Kuna Yala), where there are several small restaurants and hostels, as well as the border police, and the Colombian town Capurganá.
Puerto Obaldia can’t be reached by land. To get to Puerto Obaldia there are flights (1 hour) every two days from Panama City, Panama Air price to about $ 60. Alternatively, you can also fly from Panama City to other cities of San Blas (Mulatupo) and then by boat to Puerto Obaldia.
1. By boat. From Puerto Obaldia you can reach the Colombian bay Sapzurro by boat, accessible with about 40 minutes crossing. Tickets cost between $ 10 and $ 30.
2. On foot. From Puerto Obaldia is theoretically possible to reach the first Sapzurro walking for nearly 2 hours along a path.

Sapzurro is the first bay of Colombia coming from Panama: 270 inhabitants, only two last names, cabins painted in blue and pink, no banks or long lines at the supermarket, no motor or post office. Until a few years, also without opening satellite phone. Life here flows at a different pace, everything takes time under the sun. And even if now everybody has laptop and smart phones, native people go on in their state of grace and relaxation, looking at you like asking where are you running. Each inhabitant of the bay is like straight out of a novel, if it was a movie it would be the tropical version of Ciprí and Maresco. The place is so charming that it seems to know to have a special energy that captures who puts foot on its white beaches and trails bloom. It’s located in the Colombian department of Chocó, and it offers beautiful beachs and virgin forests. Our oceanfront eco-lodges are located between its lush vegetation and crystalline Caribbean sea, in one of the most biodiverse zone of the world with flora and fauna yet rated.

In Capurgana there are no vehicles. There is one of the smallest airport in the world, with 300 mts wide and 3 kms long. Capurganá is connected with daily flights to Medellin.

From Capurganá you can continue the journey by sea to the Colombian town of Turbo. Every day you can take a boat in the morning with a capacity of 25 passengers. The ticket price is about $ 25. The trip takes about 2 or 3 hours depending on sea conditions.
Turbo can be reached by land from various localities in Colombia (Medellin in 8 hours).
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