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The city of the Eternal Spring

Medellin is a modern city and one of the main destinations in Colombia: thousands of tourists visit it each year, surprised at its new and prosperous urban area with friendly people and pleasant to welcome as toruists come to town. It's being transformed from industrial and commercial city with a serious intern social crisis of the era from 1980 to the third most visited district in Colombia, with levels of violence far below the US average, with an immense cultural, recreational and convention spaces, beautiful surroundings and unique developments worldwide in terms of urbanism. This shows the radical change that the city has experienced also in terms of tourism.
Medellín has a centuries-old tradition of indutrial yarns, fabrics and garments becoming known as the home of the most important textile infrastructure in Latin America. Here we celebrate different events realted to fashion, as Colombiamoda, an international fair that takes place over three days in August and attracts different designers and dressmakers, visitors and businesses.

Antioquenos prefer being tied to their old traditions than enjoy the cosmopolitan ones. In Medellin you can listen to any music: the Regional Avenida Palmahía is the biggest club in Latin America, there are bars and clubs specializing in rock, jazz, classical and opera are, vallenato, salsa, Caribbean and naturally tango. An entire neighborhood Manrique - is dedicated to honoring the music of Argentina: in no other city they remember Carlos Gardel as here, where the famous singer died in a plane crash in 1935.

The cultural centers of the city reflect the desire of the people of Antioquia to go hand in hand with the avant-garde. Excellent are bookstores and art galleries, museums and sculpture parks. The Museum of Antioquia exhibits a complete exposition of paintings and sculptures of Fernando Botero. Buildings, train stations, cathedrals, palaces, villas and offices in different parts of the city still represent the architecture of the Republican belle epoque, next to the architecture of skyscrapers and new concepts such as the Metropolitan Theater and the airport José María Córdova.

Fram the hill Nutibara, a hill theat rises within the Aburrá Valley, you can enjoy a panoramic view profile of Medellín. There are restaurants, souvenir shops and a beautiful reproduction of a typical Antioquia town square.

What to visit in Medellín

Parque Berrio has a Tourist Desk. From there you can visit:
Botero Park with Botero sculptures
Antioquia Museum
Church of  San José
The National Palace
Metropolitan Cathedral
The Palace of Fine Arts
Antioquia old train station
Botanic Garden
Parque Explora
Parque de los Pies Descalzos
Carré Vazquez Theater
Pueblito Paisa
in metro to Acevedo combined with the funicular for a spectacular view of the city until Arvi Park

Around Medellín:

Guatapé, 1.30h from the city:  a growing area of recreation for citizens of Medellín, and a tourist destination for foreign travellers. The "Guatape Rock" (Peñón de Guatapé) that borders the lake is a rock formation, that formed along the Antioquia Rock Base 70 million years ago. With 2/3 of its height below ground, the exposed vertical face is over 200 meters high and visible from throughout the surrounding countryside. You can scale the rock via a staircase built into one side, a path that includes more than 700 steps to the top with a final open-air viewing area to see the spectacular scenery.

Santa Fe de Antioquia: 1 h from Medellín. All of the town is a historical site; the architecture that has survived through the years gives Santa Fe de Antioquia the aspect of a city "suspended" in the colonial era, which is the reason the city was declared a National monument.
  • Bridge of the West (National Monument)
  • Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Archiepiscopal Palace
  • Plaza Mayor Juan de Corral
  • Museum of Religious Art
  • The House of the Two Palms
  • La Playita (Famous Ranch To The South of the Plaza)
  • Tonusco Campestre

Jardín: 3.5h from Medellín. The architecture and the balconies are an attractive for themselves, like the main Temple which is a National Monument since 1980. The main park is one of the most popular places and its square is paved with river rocks. The houses have intact architecture of the old popular tradition with beautiful facades decorated with potted flowers. You can visit Alto de las Flore with its splendid views, Cueva del Esplendor which is accessed by 10 km of walking trails through woods, the Museum of Antiquities and Casa Museo de la Cultura Cesar Moisés Rojas Pelaez.

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